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manhattan dancing grasp Hillgrove recognizes that he has "availed himself of the entire books from which he may perhaps elicit any precious information." certainly, little or no of the handbook is unique. Divided into six components, Hillgrove discusses some great benefits of dance, gown, deportment and etiquette within the ballroom and the supper room. the second one half makes a speciality of bows and courtesies, positions of the toes, and gives workouts for the ft and legs. The 3rd and fourth components speak about the quadrille and supply many figures; the 5th half is dedicated to around dances equivalent to the waltz, polka, schottisch, galop, and polka mazurka. The final part specializes in extra quadrille figures and different crew dances corresponding to the "Virginia Reel," "Money Musk," and school Hornpipe.
Dancing and its satisfied impacts thirteen

The bathroom 17

Introductions 19

Hints to Dancers 20

Deportment 24

The Ball-room 30

Private Balls and events 35

The Supper Room 38

PART moment.

Private Dancing forty

Rudiments of Dancing forty five

Positions in Dancing forty seven

The Bow fifty one

The Courtesy fifty three

The Passing Bow fifty six

The Positions for Fancy Dancing fifty eight

Exercises for the ft and Legs fifty nine

PART 3rd.

The Quadrille sixty one

Descriptions of the 1st Set or undeniable Quadrille sixty five


Hands all around eighty

Right and Left all around eighty

A ultimate determine eighty

Basket determine eighty one

Cheat and Jig eighty two

March determine eighty four

Gavot 89

Minuet ninety one

Star determine ninety two

Balance to the perfect ninety four

Moulinet ninety five

Allemand ninety six

Holubiec ninety seven

Dos-a-Dos ninety seven

The Waltz Quadrille ninety seven


The Lancers ninety eight

Caledonians 108

Prince Imperial 119

Continentals 128

Hillgrove's favourite Quadrilles 134

The March Quadrille 137

Social Quadrille (No. 1) a hundred and forty

Social Quadrille (No. 2) 143

Social Quadrille (No. 3)146

Spanish Dance 149

PART 5th.

Advice to Waltzers 153

Position for the Waltz and different around Dances one hundred fifty five

The Polka 159

Schottisch 163

Gallop 166

Deux Temps 167

Esmeralda 168

Danish Dance 169

Union Dance a hundred and seventy

Polka Redowa 171

Varsovienne 173

Polka Mazourka a hundred seventy five

Plain Waltz 176

The Redowa 178

Hop Waltz 181

Five-Step Waltz 131

Gorlitza 188

Sicilienne 184

Zulma L'Orientale 185

La Koska 186

La Carlowitzka 187

La Zingerilla 188

La Czarine 188

PART 6th.

The Quadrille one hundred ninety

National shield 192

Kn'ckerbocker Quadrille 195

Metropolitan Quadrille 197

Union Quadrille two hundred

Polka Quadrille, No. 1 202

Polka Quadrille, No. 2. 204

London Polka Quadrille 207

Home Guards 209

Empire Quadrille 214

The Polonaise 220

La Tempete 220

Sicilienne Circle 223

Rustic Reel 224

Virginia Reel 225

Scotch Reel 227

Swedish Dance 223

Pop is going the Weasel 229

Country Dances 230

A French nation Dance 230
In classing this dependent accomplishment with the positive arts, we undertake the excellence made
by the creative writer of a piece entitled The positive Arts decreased to a precept . He divides the
arts commonly into 3 types, for you to their diverse ends. the 1st, he observes,
have for his or her item the must haves of guy, whom Nature turns out to depart to himself as quickly as
she has played the place of work of ushering him into the area. uncovered as he's to chilly, hunger,
and a numberless educate of ills, the treatments and preservatives of which he stands in want, seem
ordained to be the cost of his personal exertions and undefined. This gave upward push to the Mechanical Arts.

The subsequent have excitement for his or her item. those sprung utterly from the bosom of pleasure, and owe their
existence to sentiments produced by means of ease and affluence. they're referred to as, when it comes to eminence,
the positive Arts-such as Poetry, portray, Sculpture, song, and Dancing. The 3rd variety are these that are subservient to either usefulness and delight: Architecture,
for instance, and Eloquence

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