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Download e-book for iPad: In the Shadow of the Cypress by Thomas Steinbeck

Thomas Steinbeck has been praised by means of Publishers Weekly for his stylistic brilliance and “accomplished voice. ” Now, his enchanting novel within the Shadow of the Cypress blends historical past and suspense with literary mastery and brings brilliant realism to California’s wealthy background. In 1906, the chinese language in California lived within the shadows.

's 约翰·克利斯朵夫:全三册(诺贝尔文学获奖作品,央视“朗读者”首期开读书目,励志指南,文学经典,翻译界的一座丰碑。 ) PDF

编辑推荐:诺贝尔文学获奖作品,央视“朗读者”首期开读书目,百万青年的励志指南,国家教育部语文新课标文学经典,翻译界拔地而起的一座丰碑。 内容介绍:《约翰•克利斯朵夫》上中下三本共包含十卷,讲述了主人公约翰•克利斯朵夫在充满庸俗、倾轧的社会里的奋斗历程。从儿时音乐才能的觉醒,到青年时代对权贵的蔑视和反抗,再到成年后在事业上的追求和成功,最后趋于清明高远之境,透出另一世界的黎明的曙光。作者介绍:罗曼•罗兰(1866—1944),法国思想家、文学家。20世纪初,他开始陆续发表名人传记:《贝多芬传》《米开朗琪罗传》和《托尔斯泰传》。这些传记无论在当时还是后世都产生了广泛的影响。1915年,为了表彰“他的文学作品中的高尚理想和他在描绘各种不同类型人物所具有的同情和对真理的热爱”,罗曼•罗兰被授予诺贝尔文学奖。

Get Learn Chinese Characters with Slow Rabbit's Nursery Rhymes PDF

Studying chinese language Characters has simply been made effortless with those uncomplicated and enjoyable nursery rhymes created by way of gradual Rabbit for children three and above who does not know the way to learn chinese language in any respect yet have uncomplicated listening comprehension and verbal communique talents in chinese language. this can be the third e-book of the sequence with overall 6 books.

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